Microbiological Analysis

The sample must be placed in a sterile and clean recipient (e.g. a sale-ready bottle or can).

For transporting, ensure that the samples are well preserved (ex. well sealed, tempered, well protected, etc.) to reduce the risks of breakage or fermentation leading to the container exploding.

Microbiology is executed independently from other analysis. If both microbiological and physicochemical analysis are required on the same sample, 2 bottles of the same product are required. One for microbiological analysis and one for physicochemical analysis (check if the physicochemical analysis or the package requires more than one bottle).

ENRICHMENT: An extra step of enrichment allows for the enhancement of the detection of viable cells if present in low quantity. (Expect 2 to 4 more days of turnaround time)

VIABILITY: An extra step of photoactivation treatment with DNA binding dye allows for a selective detection of viable cells. (Prevents the DNA detection of dead cells and focusses the detection and identification)

Total count by FILTRATION: Only best for finished product considered non-contaminated and for filtrable product. A product overcharged with particles (hazy) will block the filter and a product that is expected to be contaminated will show too much growth to allow for a count (Result: “TNTC” – Too Many Too Count).

Total count by DILUTIONS: A dilution series is to be used when the product is contaminated and a more specific count than TNTC is desired.

Identification of microorganisms can be performed on the colonies that were obtained during the microorganism count analysis of lactic bacteria or yeast. For beer, it is possible to identify all the targets in the category below. For wine, the identifiable targets are Brettanomyces bruxellensis and Lactobacillus/Pediococcus. If you are interested in colony identification, please notify us when sending your sample. This way, if your culture analysis is positive, we will automatically proceed to an identification. A new work order will be sent.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Total Count Of Microorganisms

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