Microbiological Analysis

The sample must be placed in a sterile and clean recipient of a minimum capacity of 350 mL (e.g. a sale-ready bottle or can). A smaller sample may be accepted (ex: for ice cider or ice wine) but this will have an impact on the results reported in liter.

Microbiology is executed independently from other analysis. If both microbiological and physicochemical analysis are required on the same sample, 2 bottles of the same product are required; one for microbiological analysis and one for physicochemical analysis (check if the physicochemical analysis or the package requires more than one bottle).

Identification of microorganisms can be performed on the colonies that were obtained during the microorganism count analysis of lactic bacteria or yeast. If you are interested in a culture microorganism’s identification, please notify us when sending your sample. So, if your culture is positive, we will automatically proceed to an identification. A new work order will be sent.

Identification of living yeasts or bacteria: Thanks to the PMA technology, we are offering you the possibility to do a selective identification of the targeted microorganisms, by discriminating dead cells through photoactivation.

Enrichment: An extra enrichment step increases the detection of viable cells if present in very small quantity. (Add 3 to 5 extra days to the analysis).

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Total Count Of Microorganisms

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