• Ensure your samples are homogeneous and representative.
  • Non-stable products such as musts should be sent with an adequate quantity of “Ice pack” in order to maintain sample integrity. Avoid freezing or heating of your samples during transportation as this could denature your product.
  • For analysis on grapes berries, a minimum of 150 to 200 berries with peduncles are required. The berries peduncles will avoid deterioration during transport. Berries should be sent with an adequate quantity of “Ice pack” in order to maintain sample integrity.
  • It is best to send the samples in new plastic bottles or plastic bottles which have only contained water. However, samples in plastic bottles are not accepted for RACJ packages and other analyses, such as CO2 and/or O2.
  • Ensure sample bottles have been properly dried before use. Do not use bottles having previously contained juice, soft drinks or any other beverage type. If sending glass bottles, proper care must be taken to ensure they are well protected to avoid any breakage that may occur during transport.
  • Properly identify your bottles with labels, available on and include a completed Categorization Form with your shipment (both are under the “Documents” tab). The e-mail address where your certificates are to be sent should be the e-mail address entered on the Categorization Form.
  • It is preferable to use a trusted carrier such as UPS, FedEX or Dicom for shipping. If sending your package via Canada Post, please ensure to request registered mail delivery (door to door delivery requiring a signature). Canada Post could otherwise redirect the package to one of their service points.
  • All shipping costs are at the client’s expense.
  • All products under pressure (under cork or capsule closure) are systematically set aside for a period of 6 hours prior to processing for analysis, in order to avoid overflow at bottle opening.


  • Stable Products: FTIR results are generally sent within 2 to 4 business days.
  • Musts and Grapes: FTIR results are generally sent within 24 to 48 business hours.
  • Other Analysis: Results are sent within 2 to 5 business days in majority of cases (with some exceptions such as microbiology).


Mosti Lab offers a rebate for the following sample quantities on all FTIR packages and individual analyses.
Rebate applies only to sample with the same set of analysis submitted simultaneously.


Verify if 24-Hour Analysis Service is available for your desired analyses or package(s) prior to sample shipment.
Additional $25 per analysis or FTIR package.
Package = FTIR package only. For manual analysis packages, $25 have to be counted per analysis.
Does not apply to RACJ packages.

* 24-Hour Analysis Service Requests must be specified on the Categorization Form.
The Categorization Form must be enclosed with the samples.


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