Package ‘RACJ’ Certification

MOSTI LAB is the only private laboratory in Quebec, accredited ISO 17025 and specializing in alcoholic beverages. In addition, it was the first laboratory recognized by the SAQ able to issue certificates of analysis for commercialization of alcoholic beverages by artisanal production permit holders, in compliance with provisions of Article 24.1 pertaining to the SAQ (Société des Alcools du Québec). The RACJ allows the issuing of analyses certificates for the following categories: Non-Fortified Alcoholic Beverages, Fortified Alcoholic Beverages and Alcohols & Spirits.



  • Sample must be of the finished product, ready for commercial release in its final glass recipient. Samples submitted in plastic bottles (ex: water bottles) are not accepted.
  • Product name and lot number must be identified on the recipient and match the name on final wine label.
  • A minimum of 750 mL is required per sample, with the exception of Certification for Alcohol/Spirits, where 500 mL is sufficient.
  • Use of the Categorization Form is strongly suggested for this analysis package. The lot number indicated on the Categorization Form must match the lot number indicated on the wine bottle.
  • For Sparkling or Carbonated products, bottle gas pressure analysis is usually requested. In that case, two sample bottles are required if bottle gas pressure is desired in your Certification of Analysis. It must be specified in your analysis request if you need it, bottle gas pressure will not be measured by default and isn’t included in packages. Pricing is listed in (tab « INDIVIDUAL ANALYSES », « MUSTS • WINES • ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES », « DISSOLVED GASSES »)

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Packages performed by Official Methods RACJ Certification

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