FTIR gives fairly accurate and reliable results within the following parameters:

  • Samples should not have undergone excessive sulphites additions (reaching sulphites levels exceeding ‘’normal’’ quantities).
  • Product should consist of: grape or apple must, grape wine, cider or pear cider: no added flavorings, no added alcohol or other adjuvant (e.g. no port-type or fortified products, no flavored ciders, no berry wine, etc.):
    • FTIR is not available for ice wine must and late harvest must.
    • FTIR is not available for ice cider must.
    • FTIR is not available for “strong” wines such as fortified wines, aperitifs, liqueurs, mistelles, port-type wines, etc.
    • FTIR is not available for fire ciders and aperitif ciders.
    • FTIR is not available for oxidized wines and orange wines.
  • Products must not have undergone “abnormal” processing such as strong deacidification, heating (fire cider), etc.
  • Products must lie within the normal parameters of its category. Example: a pH of 4.5 or 2.7 is not considered normal for a wine. An alcohol level of 9.0% or 15.0% is not considered normal for a wine. The FTIR may not read up to these values and all other parameters may as a result be distorted.
  • Our laboratory reserves the right to modify the selected analysis method from FTIR to a ‘’manual method’’ if judged necessary.
  • If product does not meet one of the rules described above, we recommend to select analyses from the list of Individual Analysis or Traditional “T-Packages”.